9 Essential Technological Features Every Car must Have


As Technology gets advanced, it brings new gadgets and features to the cars to make them even safer to ride

For some certain period of time, automatic doors, windows and locks were one of the personifications for the luxury car, to some extent they were but today they are not. Because every standard car has these features as standard. As technologies continue developing, more features are being added to the current list of the gadgets and features. In other words, you can say that technology has gifted us a great assortment of new features and made our life easy. Luxury starts from a very high level in today’s world but if think about the same question a 5 to 20 years ago, if not all these features we are enjoying in today’s car but the most of them were luxury items. Such as we have given an example of automatic windows and door mirror. Now the luxury starts from the autonomous drive and 130 plus sensors in the cars that help the driver to drive purposefully. Other features like heated seats, lane departure system, cruise control system, speed limiters and adaptive headlights, powerful engines and many other top class features come as a luxury but there are several features that your car must have. Here is the list of nine features that are suitable consistent in many cars today and can make your drive relaxed, comfortable and safer.

01: Remote Keyless Entry

As the name clearly gives an idea about the gadget that what is it? Keyless entry enables you to remotely free up your car by pressing a button on your automatic key fob. The ability to swiftly get into your vehicle without scrabbling for the enigma’s a primary security feature, particularly in poorly-lit areas. With most key fobs, pushing the button once can unlock just the driving seat’s door. If you wish to open the other doors, you ought to push twice to unencumber different doors, so there isn’t a fear a couple of hidden burglar jumping into the passenger’s side. Most essentially have an alarm button that and flashes the lights and honks the horn in case of any illegal activity on the car such as trying to open the doors without actual key fobs.

02: Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)

It is clear that if you have a grip on the road, you can walk firmly and swiftly and the same is the case with wheels, where a firmly rotating wheel can offer more push on the road than that which is skidding or slipping. This is where Anti-Lock Braking system works by observing every tyre individually. It controls the speed of the wheels by equally distributing the power coming from the engine piston.

When Antilock brake systems (ABS) is there, don’t worry about giving up manage to a computer; if the ABS process goes on the fritz, the brakes work probably. Do-it-yourselfers can still do their brake jobs firmly and easily, though they have got to relieve system pressure earlier than getting rid of a brake line. Anyways there are number of technicalities but we are just talking about the technologies that your future car should have, it is one of the necessary features that your car should have

3: ESC or Electronic stability control system

Electronic stability control (ESC) programs use multiple gadgets of the car and monitor the performance of these parts to decide upon the action. These parts include the accelerometers, anti-lock brake sensors, and steering wheel, pedal role sensors. If any of these are not working properly and trying to force the other wheels, ESC does what no driver can: It reduces the power delivery to the wheel by applying the brakes to character wheels to keep the car going the place the driver is trying to point it.

4: Telescoping steering Wheel/Adjustable Pedals

Most new cars have top-adjustable columns on the steering wheels, and some have steering wheels that move inside and outside and/or electrically adjustable pedals. The previous two, now not most operational making a comfy function simpler, but they permit shorter drivers to peacefully function themselves farther from the airbag even so keeping their foot with no trouble on the pedals.

5: Rear-Seat DVD player

On board, entertainment is the essential part in a vehicle and when you’ve got children, its importance gets even more. And when you take a lot of road journeys, movies-on-the-go could make long journeys less challenging for each you and them. There are several systems available for the rear compartment from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth. Many rear-seat entertainment techniques, so which you could benefit from the stereo. Another system to remember is a pill or iPad holder, which will offer a more moveable freedom choice.

6: GPS Navigation system

Before you drive, know your destination and keep all the destinations on your fingertips. Today’s connected world gives you everything and thus the GPS and satellite positioning system that guide you to your destination.

Using sensors in the car, GPS navigation systems can locate your particular position and offer you turn-through-flip recommendations to help you find your destination. Most may even advise you to the closest gas station, ATM, health facility or police station. When mounted in the vehicle, the GPS may also be in specific easy due to the fact that most often used addresses may also be saved.

7: Part Airbags

One of the most essential parts that your car must have to save the driver. Most automobiles have at least three feet of crush house at the front and back, but only some inches of the shield on the phases. Federally-mandated door beams help hold the vehicle intact instead of yielding in. But there is the situation of inertia. Even as the automobile is being pushed away, your body, especially your head, which is not secured even you are wearing the seatbelts or something else. Aspect airbags cushion, your head and help preserve it safely inside the vehicle.

8:  Center Console With a power Outlet

Open the core consoles on many new automobiles and you can discover a power outlet. These outlets furnish an approach to charging your mobile cell. Even though the power outlet is necessary when on the go you are listening to the phone and this will give you a sure advantage, option must be used when speaking me on the phone even as driving,

09: Roadside assistance

Flat tyre? Out of fuel?  Or even another tricky, it is a common phenomenon that people get stuck into any emergency and looking to call the help, but this road assistant will help. This is the time when the roadside assistance is necessary and many new cars include roadside help as part of their new-vehicle assurance. There are a couple of manufacturers offer it as a part of their “certified used” applications.

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