BMW 118d Powerful Engine in A Small Car


Space is not generous inside the cabin especially when you occupy the rear seats

For the big luxury brands, the entry-level cars are a good way to enhance their sales by alluring buyers with affordable luxury brands. BMW 1 series is the perfect example of this the German car maker offers great vehicles at comparatively low prices. BMW 118d is not a big car with great power but still very much an attraction for the performance benchmark it has set since its inception. BMW 118d engines are marvellous to work of the engineers of the company as it has the punch of power and great fuel economy figures. The turbocharged diesel engine with common rail fuel system is to produce 148hp maximum output and a torque of 320Nm is all set to give you a good driving experience. The five-door family hatchback has manual speed transmissions which are sleek and keep you engaged while moving on busy roads. Space is not generous inside the cabin especially when you occupy the rear seats and it is very much evident from the dimensions of the car. BMW 118d reconditioned engines are also available to enjoy the excellence of one of the top engine makers of the world at a cheap price. These power units are finely tuned and serve you better for a longer period of time.

A Small Family Vehicle With Rear Wheel Drive Specification

The car crosses the speed barrier of 0-62 m/h in just above 8 seconds and top speed is 212kmh. The BMW Engine is in compliance with the Euro6 standards so no excessive burden of taxation for the buyers. It is, in fact, a small family vehicle with rear-wheel drive specification which is obvious for BMW. On a mixed cycle, the fuel average is around 50mpg which is good enough to appeal the buyers. Handling of the car shows the sporty character and it takes away some of the comfort and rivals surpasses. The plastic used to build the cabin is not of very high-grade soft material so the impression is not exquisite which is associated with the brand.

But the improvements are made to overcome the impression like new dials and air conditioning controls are introduced a couple of years ago.

This Designing Feature Allows The Driver

Visibility is good though the front seats are positioned lowered to keep the sporty touch for the vehicle. Not only forward but sideways view is also decent. No blind spot is confronted when you do tricky manoeuvring so it has a perfect outward view for the person on the driving seat. This designing feature allows the driver to keep the car at the right place on the road and successfully make you feel it a compact car while parking at small places. When three persons occupy the rear seat you have to focus more on the side mirrors as the rear view blocked otherwise. Seats are firm and give you support to avoid jet-lag feel and also do not allow you to lose your position when it moves at fast speed.

The seat to hold steering has adjustment flexibility and the person sitting on it can easily find the right position to drive it. The close rival Audi A3 is easier to find a comfortable driving position.

Optional Upgrade is available and it gives you a bigger screen

The dashboard of the car is not awe-inspiring as of other modern-day vehicles but it is not messy too. The layout is simple and easy to operate the tech features make it appealing. Satellite navigation, digital radio and six and a half inches colour screen are seen throughout the 1 series cars and these basics are welcomed by the buyers. An optional upgrade is available and it gives you bigger screen 3d navigation, storage for music and a better stereo. More of black plastic is visible on the dashboard but the trim level adds aluminium and colour to the same. It is very much clear that for every desired addition in this car you have to pay which would surely make this car expensive too.

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