BMW 118d Small in Size Big in Performance


It has a diesel engine which has marvellous figures of fuel average on busy routes as well as on open highways and mix cycle

BMW 1 series has reached to its third generation and with a different platform of front-wheel drive which is totally unlike rear-wheel-drive configuration. This major shift has also made it possible for the engineers to offer a spacious cabin to the buyers.

Engines are always the most important part of any vehicle and BMW has mastered in this part. BMW 1 series power units are known for their agility and economy and with these facts reconditioned BMW 118d engines are in demand for old cars.

Though after years of use these units do not remain as good as they were once but still very much meet the expectations. BMW engine suppliers are good at their work of supplying robust pieces off to run your vehicles.

Buyers know how to find BMW 118d engines for sale and they easily get the desired power unit of their liking for their cars. It is the entry-level series of the German company and the least pricey so you get the prestigious badge on the front. It has a diesel engine which has marvellous figures of fuel average on busy routes as well as on open highways and mix cycle.

The standard gear shift is manual with six-speed transmissions

BMW 118d is a small car having little space but with new front-wheel-drive configuration interior and boot space get a little bit extra room. You will find a range of technology features which keeps it competitive in the presence of so many competitors.

It is appealing in another way which allows the buyers to own a car with a batch of highly rated upscale car producer. The new generation 1 series cars are quite different from previous models and with significant changes these cars are still relevant in auto markets. BMW 118d 2.0-litre engine with 150hp and huge torque of 350Nm is quite a fun to drive.

Fuel consumption is ideal as it consumes just above four litres to cover a distance of hundred kilometres. The standard gear shift is manual with six-speed transmissions and optional automatic speed transmissions are eight in numbers. Both are good in function so you can select either of the two to run your small BMW.

A major shift of switching from rear to front-wheel-drive configuration is the real appeal in the latest model. More interior space and low price of the new model. Due to the shared platform of the car are two major reasons behind this important shift.

With just a push you can open

For the riders at back seats find this new model more comfortable due to extra knee space. Space at the back to carry luggage has also enhanced and buyers welcome these changes in body design.

Folding of rear seats can even increase the load space up to 1200 litres. To provide further ease to the driver an electrically functioning boot lid is now part of new 118d. With just a push you can open it and close the lid without leaving the driver’s seat.

You also come across many newly introduced tech features in bigger. BMW cars in 118d so a lot more appeal for the people thinking to purchase the small BMW. Gesture control and digital key through a smartphone are few to name. Another noteworthy addition is the intelligent personal assistant to make driving easier and safer.

Balance is also cool

As described earlier this new 1 series car is much better than the earlier models of the same series in several ways so the better response is quite obvious. Not only the interior has changed but the exterior has become a lot nicer with a decreased front bonnet and good size rear.

The peculiar look of BMW has vanished but at the same time, it has become balanced and also beautiful. Steering is good and you don’t find it resisting any of your moves through it. Balance is also cool and moving into tight corners do not dislodge cabin occupants. The car has got a good balance between sporty feel and ride comfort.

Top speed is 218kmh and it crosses the 100kmh speed barrier in just above eight seconds. Safety features are also focused on every new car so you will not miss them in this car too. Overall it is a good car to give a try before deciding in favour of any other option in this class.

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