BMW 120d has the Formula to Win


With a great engine and driver-friendly features

BMW 120d is a fighter and a one that has to win among its rivals. There is speed but not without compromising on practicality. With rear-wheel drive mode, there is more performance extracted getting less weight in the front. This model has two in one usage.

The owner gets to have the best sports car experience yet it can be very useful for the town drive also. The unusual styling gives the buyer something fresh to own as a BMW as other sedans have the usual BMW touch. For the cabin, there is a dashboard having a cluster free display and comprehending the outer design.

Everything inside makes the driver worry free and focus on the fun it’s driving can convey. BMW 1 series has clearly made its place in the top rank among small cars due to driving dynamics.

But this model is not carried forward in the 2019 1 series line up which is a great loss but for sure this might be compensated in a better form later. There are lesser rear-wheel drives left at present converted to front-wheel drive format later. BMW 120d engines are one of the finest among the lot.

The BMW engines remanufactured also make a good choice for replacement when needed. There are BMW 120d engines for sale to get the work done from reliable dealers as competition is tough.

Engine giving the right torque

The 2.0-litre BMW 120d engine is good enough for a 184 bhp over here. This is a unit commonly found in many BMWs. There is the 280 lb-ft of torque present which gives a timing of 7.2 seconds from 0-60 mph. It has a fine cruising ability and there is no problem overtaking on the highway.

This is a diesel engine but it mostly does not act like one but for a positive aspect. It is calm and gives a stable performance not missing the fun part. Talking about the present times this one shows characteristics that have to be in a diesel engine regarding the emission standards.

This engine creates an astonishing power while accelerating from a stand still. Engine response is swift pleasing the occupier all the way but not disturbing the peace at any stage. As standard, there is an automatic gearbox attached to the car but there is still an option for a manual 6-speed gearbox with a real clutch of course.

The driving pleasure

Handling a 1 series is an enjoyable thing to do. You get an almost sports car experience yet it can be used for other purposes. Cornering the car makes one appreciate the amount of effort put by BMW. It has a relaxed ride and especially for the driver.

This car has its inclinations towards facilitating driver the most. There is steering which is accurate and does not need extra effort to handle the car at high speeds. The suspension well absorbs bumps and potholes but keeps the cabin free from vibration.

Stability and refinement are one of the top traits of this vehicle while on the motorway. Engine welcomes hard revs happily and not seemed over worked or growling. There is always a sense of more from the response but the allowed limit restricts.

Have a look inside

From the inside, the cabin supports the way the exterior is formulated. The seats are comfortable yet firm. There is a lot of grip at the front and especially the driver’s seat. Dashboard does not have many knobs as the touch screen explains why not.

There are ample leg and headroom in the front and at the back also. Only the taller passengers have to suffer the space. But apart from that, the car is totally capable of handling luggage as well as passengers. The technology side is good and there are options present if you want more.

Every control is in reach of the driver so that he does not have to take eyes off the road to reach them. Another good virtue is the sharp graphics of the screen which make it easy to be used.

You don’t have to be a skilled driver to run this BMW but still, you have to get used to a BMW before it gains your praise. The surprising quick responses are sure needs practice to get used to.

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