BMW 3 Series! A Benchmark Saloon for the Ages


Bmw 3 series combines the performance and practicality, ranging from GT to i Performance saloons

Yes it’s true, BMW 3 series is a legendry family of BMW cars that combines a fun of driving and practicality at the same time. It is not a range of models based on several cars but it has a big range of different type of cars in the 3 series. There are saloons, touring cars, Gran Turismo and convertibles make the 3 series but the i-performance and hybrid models actually complete the 3 series. If we talk about the hybrid models, BMW 330e i-Performance saloons are the first ever BMWs that get the eDrive technology to enhance the driving pleasure.

When M Performance comes into action in the 3 series, it ultimately delivers the genuine high performance and convert the 3 series into ragging monsters with its M Performance engines where every engine delivers minimum of 431 horsepower. The code name of the 2018 BMW 3 Series has also been unveiled, the G20 aims to overtake the current market leaders like the Mercedes C Class and all new Jaguar XE.

BMW has stated that the days are gone when they were not been able to reduce the gap between the top models and the 3 series. Now with the help of the G20, BMW will again dominate the market by removing all the hurdles to close or even remove the gap. It not far long BMW has release the facelifted BMW 3 Series in the Munich. All G20 models will be available in 2018. With the new code and new features, the 3 series is all set to reduce its carbon emission to under 100gkm and it all be happen with the help of G 20 and new technologies just like the 3 cylinder engines to reduce the gap between top models in the premium sector. Bmw 316d will get power from a bmw engine of 135bhp. It is a 1.5 litre bmw engine used in the 316d and 218d, the diesel variants will get 316i and this model will share its 1.5 litre diesel engine with Mini Cooper D and cranks a 122bhp of power.  A range of new model trims has also been introduced with the G 20.


What engines the G 20 models will use?

There will be 3.0 litre engine with extra 30 bhp of power and similar amount of torque. The 328i will enjoy the powerful 260bhp engine and a six pot unit with 365bhp will lead the 328i models and similar six pot 328i is rated at 260bhp. Classic straight six engines will still remain loyal to the 330d and 340d models. The m performance models such has the M3 and M4 will be using the straight six engine along with power water injectors and e-chargers to facilitate the 500bhp power. As far as the alternative fuel concerned, there will be two plug in hybrid cars on sale under the same G20 code. There will be two plugin hybrid models sharing the 60kw motors and 1.5 litre engines. With the 90kw motor, there will be a 2.0 litre engine. This setup will deliver around 50 miles per charge.

All new BMW 3 series

The BMW 3-series for a long time, has enjoyed the success and remained the benchmark of the sporting saloon sector but a revitalized competition it waiting for the current version and a desperate desire of an update which is due in 2018. The newly redesigned Mercedes-Benz C-class, the Cadillac ATS boasts higher riding dynamics, and the Audi A4 has turned into competitors and 3 series is ready to be fully modernized on a brand new structure and a new production code as well.

Current BMW 3 series Model

The current BMW 3 Series will get a midterm facelift that goes beyond the beautifying function when there are The Bimmer’s headlights get a sharper and extra angular contour, they usually are now available with full LED and as adaptive full LEDs. A new form and new innards has been given to the back lights as well, even though best brand devotees will notice the difference. The rear bumpers and the interior has also been restyled. The sport Line artistic treatment now been given to the entire series but the 320i models. The posh Line and M sport improvements proceed to be available, too. Apart from all these offerings and new features offered on the BMW 3 series, there is a massive list of optional features exclusively available for the 328i and 328d models, where you can get adaptive headlights, LED headlights, satellite tv for pc radio, and a sunroof. This package deal is being offered as a standard offering on all models that have a range of six-cylinder engines.

BMW 3 Series Engine line up

Upon lifting the lid of the car bonnet, the engine compartment will welcome you with the present BMW N20 engine. It is a turbocharged four cylinder engine, used in the 320i and the 328i, however the N55 turbocharged inline-six is swapped by the ultra-modern BMW B58 engine. The brand new turbocharged six 3.0 liter is from BMW modular engine family, and for your knowledge, these engines will be offered in all three-, four- and 6-cylinder configurations. In the Europe, the 3 cylinder is the new 3-series base engine, an ignominy the U.S. Market is spared that there is another 4 cylinder 2.0 litre engine has been added to the 328d engine group.

What BMW engineers thinks about the 3 series?

BMW engineers believe that the turbo six engine added to the BMW engine family is a greater-sounding and more-satisfying engine than the outgoing BMW 335i N55 engine. The new turbo six makes 320 horsepower at 6500 rpm while the peak torque is 330 lb-ft, start flowing at 1380 rpm. All engines will also available with rear- or all-wheel power, and all fuel engines present the option of a revised eight 8-speed or the manual 6-speed gearbox, which now includes a rev-matching function. The 330e is likely to introduce a varied output of 250 horsepower and 310 lb-ft, giving it a zero to 60 time of 6.1 seconds. These hybrid models also claim a 22 mile range in EV mode.

To see at the top features of your favourite car, such as a six cylinder engine or interior or even exterior, open the infographic in the new tab.

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