BMW 520d, A 5 Series Model with Intelligent Features


Listing almost everything which is a must-have for the luxury line

BMW 520d is not just an ordinary car; it is a thinking machine always ready to taunt you with every mistake. Not just this one model, all included in the 5 series are topped up with the latest technology that makes the machine safer than any other rival. The central computer persistently locates everything which is happening on the road and acts accordingly. You just have to get used to its functions and after some time, you will praise this luxury series. Owning a BMW 520d is a superb experience as this car is not only honouring for you, it also gives respect to the other ones on the road.

That’s ok all the customs to follow and be a good boy, but what about the real driving experience of this BMW. With the norms applied by the superior system, this cannot happen as the car will not let you. To get the real feel al the systems have to be shut down and this is when the fun part enters. The engine shows its real power and not only when you are in a fast speed, at lower levels the engine really shows its ability.

Engine Outputs Impressive Power

BMW 520d engines are very impressive, either they are used or are reconditioned. This one gets a 2.0-Litre turbo diesel engine with 187 hp and 0-62 mph can be covered in 7.5 seconds. There is ample power this one generates with good driving force and never feeling less in power. The engine is in the almost starting model but it never feels sluggish.

The responses are quick as you press the paddle. The car is always ready to overtake on the motorway and remain calm in a town traffic situation. Now if you expect this level engine to perform as more powerful ones then this is not a just expectation. Come on give some space to the engine to breathe it is, after all, a starter. There are services of BMW 520d engines supply and fit which is very handy for any mishap or engine change.

Driving is accurate and controlled

The best part of driving a BMW is that it is one of the few car makers who really know how to balance comfort and performance. Even on the uneven road, the ride is smooth and the cabin hardly gets disturbed. The 8-speed automatic gear change keeps the fuel economy intact.

The driving position is excellent which is essential to get that perfect journey with a car and in the end, the driver does not get a hint of fatigue. The interior supports the drive due to everything placed just the way it should be placed. The controls are in easy reach of the driver and especially the gesture control system is really helpful when you are used to it. There is also a balanced response from the suspension when the road is curved with sharp turns.

The modern technology

Playing with tools is a part of using a car now and it is important for many. If you are one of the like then you will love the infotainment system installed. The 10.25-inch big screen shows clearly a list of functions and the modes for changing the responses from the engine, suspension and the cabin itself.

There are lots of driver assistant functions and the one where it can park itself while you standing outside just giving instructions are an amazing one which does operate sometimes in a clumsy way. It alarms the driver when crossing the speed limit or there is a pedestrian on road. Also, it feels the upcoming collision and reacts accordingly applying brakes forcefully which really keeps everyone safe. There are many more on the list that can be revealed when you get your hands on it.

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