How BMW X5 Manages its Place in Top SUV’s?


You might not like to confess it, but the BMW X5 is a damn good SUV

We’ve heard “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” means if you don’t want to see a doctor, you get to eat an apple regularly. Same is the case with your buggy. If you want to avoid a car mechanic on daily basis, you need to pick the champ, the BMW X5.

BMW has never disappointed its consumers over the years regarding practicality and performance on the road. The masterpiece, BMW X5 is one of the best sellers in the class and winning the rat race since 1999.

The BMW X5 set a new example for the German car maker. When X5 was launched in 1999, it was the company’s first-ever SUV but the motor lovers got interested in its off-road ability and practicality.

The X5 is produced in four different generations comprising of First generation (E53; 2000–2006), Second generation (E70; 2007–2013), Third generation (F15; 2014–2018) and Fourth generation (G05; 2019–present).

If you are after the crushing performance, BMW X5 is ballistic SUV. Curious to know about this bad boy? Let me breathe! Let’s start.

X5 is as big as a behemoth

The BMW has big acreage, even in this family. With 4,857 mm length, it’s a bit longer than the 4,846 mm Porsche Cayenne and 4,819 mm Mercedes GLE, although it rests between these competitors in terms of width and height. As far as the efficiency and power is concerned, the X5 has best figures on the paper. It’s pretty much good to drive because BMW X5 engines are second to none.

The X5 calculates 1,933 mm wide and 1,776 mm tall. It’s also a few millimetres longer than the Range Rover Sport, although the Sport is the widest car in this quartet.

There’s a plenty of space inside the X5, both in the front and rear. The X5 feels peculiarly spacious at the front, where passenger and driver enjoy vast and swanky seats. In the back, three people will find it easy to get congenial, with the flat floor ensuring there’s enough legroom for all.

Punchy engines under the bonnet are matchless

Three engines are ready to jump, the 335 bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder xDrive40i being the sole petrol option. The 261 bhp 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine is the lion in the range, delivering 47.1 mpg and emitting 158 g/km of CO2, which is really incisive. The xDrive30d is not even slumped, either, taking the X5 from 0-62 mph in 6.5 sec at a top speed of 143 mph.

Those seeking more performance can opt for the M50d diesel, which offers a heady 395 bhp and can cover the 0-62 mph sprint in 5.2 sec. You can get BMW X5 Engines Supply and Fit from a registered BMW repairing workshop.

Melodious looks and the cabin is at trending no.1

To help this bad boy compete with exquisite SUV rivals like Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90, BMW has given X5 an imposing look, including a front that’s dominated by the biggest grille. It’s pretty calmer inside, appreciably more quiet and smooth, while an ultra-fine repackaging means there are more space and flexibility.

Inside, the dashboard design is a familiar X5 feature and in line with models from across the BMW range, but the smart switchgear and LED ambient lighting are impressive. As anyone would expect, the X5 comes with a pretty complete package of infotainment tech.

The list comprises of an advanced sat-nav, Bluetooth, BMW online services, music streaming and various other apps. Bring a brand new BMW X5 to get everybody around you to astonish.

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