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It has a diesel engine which has marvellous figures of fuel average on busy routes as well as on open highways and mix cycle BMW 1 series has reached to its third generation and with a different platform of front-wheel drive which is totally unlike rear-wheel-drive configuration. This major shift has also made it possible […]

With a great engine and driver-friendly features BMW 120d is a fighter and a one that has to win among its rivals. There is speed but not without compromising on practicality. With rear-wheel drive mode, there is more performance extracted getting less weight in the front. This model has two in one usage. The owner […]

The power unit fitted to pull the chassis is a good performer with eight auto speed transmissions German cars are known for their superior power units and handling excellence. BMW 118d is run by a diesel engine and being the entry-level car is the most affordable to own an upscale badge vehicle. It has been […]

Space is not generous inside the cabin especially when you occupy the rear seats For the big luxury brands, the entry-level cars are a good way to enhance their sales by alluring buyers with affordable luxury brands. BMW 1 series is the perfect example of this the German car maker offers great vehicles at comparatively […]

There is no comparison between BMW 118d engines and other power units offered in the 1 series BMW 118d engines are efficient, muscular and fuel economical at the same time, they are frugal and efficient as well. Leading the 118d models in the UK market with pride. Yes, indeed they are the fuel economical and […]

It has everything you want from the brand and will not let you down BMW 120 engines is certainly not a new one and not rare also. It is still easily available and gives you pleasure while owning it. It is in the middle of the range and has that driving flare which makes it […] Our Stanard operating hours Mon to Fri 9:00AM - 5:30PM Sat 9:00AM - 1:30PM
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