Citroen Relay has Advanced to Keep Buyers Loyal


Recon Citroen Relay Engines UK

Moreover, you will receive modern-day features as Citroen has kept moving forward

Citroen Relay is an obvious choice for many large van buyers. Over the years it has been categorized as a trustworthy commercial vehicle. It has progressed too and keeps appealing buyers as well as intact loyalty. Engines are good in pulling fully loaded Citroen Relay while fuel consumption does not worry you.

When your van’s engine fails to perform the job then you can select from second-hand Citroen engines for sale. These units are not as good as new power units but their price is also not as high as the cost of a new engine so at a very affordable price you get a fine replacement.

Citroen keeps you loyal to this highly reputed by offering great variation in body length, width and height, so you do not need to think of other vans. It is necessary to drive Relay once before making any statement about it. The main task of these vehicles is to carry load and Relay is an excellent puller with fuel efficiency.

Moreover, you will receive modern-day features as Citroen has kept moving forward. Exterior of Relay has been made appealing too, though it is not of great importance the company wants to satisfy buyers from every perspective.

Your Citroen Relay has been in markets since 2006 and now two other commercial vans are being produced from the same platform. This fact reveals the possibility of similar characteristics of the van which one may also find in two other well-known vans.

Load area maximum length is 4.1 meters

Citroen Relay has been quite successful in maintaining its distinctive identity through peculiar features. Competition among three vans, coming from the same platform is very strong and all three try to beat the other two so a lot of effort and thought is invested by Citroen in Relay.

The load area maximum length is 4.1 meters and height is up to 2.2 meters so you can carry as much as 2310 kgs in the load area of the van. Panel van and crew cab options are also present so it is not just for carrying load but can be used for other roles.

The exterior is boxy with a slanting front but this shape allows maximum load capacity. The panel van model of the Relay is also present in the line-up. Load area floor is the lowest in class so with the minimum lifting of heavy articles let you put them in load bay or take them out of it. Recon Citroen Relay engines UK do their job of pulling well and you can put off buying a new model of Relay.

Loading has also been made easier with a load bay opening width of 1.25 meters. The body design of the van is to facilitate buyers in the best possible manner so carrying bigger objects is not a worrisome task. Steel bulkhead gives required protection to the passenger cabin at the front.

This van has a strong steel bulkhead. Seats for three, including the driver are present at front and all are wide enough to avoid brushing shoulders. The practicality of this cabin is also worth praising.

Still, you have a good area to put your articles

Citroen crew cab has fantastic features as standard. You get a full steel bulkhead, rear parking assistance in form of sensors, air condition, cruise control, central locking and electric windows. Digital Audio Broadcasting radio is also present. Additional three seats are offered in crew cab model so you get a total of six seats.

Rear row three seats are comfortable and legroom for passengers is generous. Still, you have a good area to put your articles at the rearmost load area of the van. The navigation system is also present to help you get to the destination without any trouble and delay.

On a touch screen, mounted at the dashboard you easily navigate the unknown destination. For a faraway place of a job, you can bring in use cruise control system while on the motorway. Passengers’ comfort has cared much so you get cool air in hot weather as air condition is standard for this model.

For all Citroen vans, you get three variants of 2.0-litre BlueHDi engines. You can choose from 109bhp, 128bhp and 158bhp whereas torque for the last two more powerful variants is 258lb ft. Citroen supply and fitting service provide you solution when you need a used engine for your vehicle.

Now all engines are paired with manual gearbox

In previous models, you get 2.2-litre units but their output was lower than the latest engine of 2.0-litre. The fuel efficiency of the new power unit is better than previous engines. Now all engines are paired with a manual gearbox of six-speed transmissions.

They are smooth in function but keep the driver engaged as compared to auto speed transmissions. These developments keep Citroen Relay buyers loyal to it as the company shows a great deal of concern for customers. The driver’s ease is enhanced through the addition of aides for him/her.

The passenger side mirror can be adjusted electronically and a four tons model comes with a lane departure warning. Used Citroen Relay is also available with the opportunity of test drive so you can own this highly recommended van at a reasonable cost. Van finance option makes it further easier for people interested to own a Citroen Relay.

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