Citroen Relay a Comprehensive Package for Daily Work


Reconditioned Citroen Relay engines

A van has a large load bay plus some new goodies coming your way

Citroen Relay is user-friendly plus it gives a perfect value for money. It has reliability which ensures that every week workshop tour can be avoided. But this does not mean that the vehicle does not need servicing and proper care.

These will increase the age of it plus a better performance will be yours every time ignited. From the exterior, it shares a lot with Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato as being sister vans. The front gives an effect of the sharp nose with a bumper and grille reflecting some style.

The rest of the exterior is designed with special consideration to the work purpose. The two gates at the side and a back one gives liberty for easy loading from ay side and according to the volume and nature of the goods. There is a huge load bay at the back probably the largest one in the class with all the safety measures checked.

The front portion for driver and two passengers is amazing with a wide head and legroom and good storage space for large as well as small hand carries. Also, you get alteration to the body styles and height for reaching the one you desire.

Citroen Relay engines are all strong to keep the vehicle going even when full capacity load. Reconditioned Citroen Relay engines extend the life cycle of your vehicle for a long run.

The potent engine line up

The engines got a major upgrade when they were downsized from 2.2-litre to 2.0-liter BlueHDi engines. The basic reason was to make the emissions according to the Euro6 standards. But for 2019 these were again revised to make it compliant to revised Euro 6.2 standard; which is a wise decision from the company.

These engines are 2.2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engines with three variants. The least powerful is a 118 bhp form but still, it has a 300 Nm of torque to compensate for the lesser figure. The next one is a 138 bhp unit with 340 Nm torque. The range-topper is a 163 bhp having 370 Nm torque.

All these three engines have paired with them a six-speed manual gearbox. Apart from these three, the brand announced an all-electric version also whose figures are yet to come out as it is expected by the end of 2019.

For engine replacement the dealers who sell proper and reliable products there is Citroen supply and fitting service so the customer time does not get wasted. You can get the engine as well as get it fitted at one place.

Features available

Most important for a work vehicle are its doors and brakes. Citroen Relay has been improved in these necessary areas. This also enhances the durability of the van which means no more work can be extracted from it. The cabin has also been updated adding more technology to make it user-friendly.

Features like satellite navigation, a reversing camera, automatic wipers, lane departure warning and tire pressure sensors are all available now. The reversing camera has two blue lines which indicate a safe zone to reverse the van.

If you can pay a little more than the trim next to the base level has some more features added. These include air conditioning, cruise control with speed limiter, touch screen audio pack, a multipurpose steering wheel and rear parking sensors. If the little touch screen is added a little car-like feel can be attained.

Reliability and safety

The Citroen Relay Van is built with more durable parts that will certainly add points to its reliability side. But even before this upgrade, the van did not have any issues regarding this area as people who own it have really good reactions towards having it.

Then there is the safety side which is aided by a very helpful driver’s assistance tools list. Stability control, hill-start assist, ABS and emergency brakes all come as standard in Relay. The upper trims also have lane departure warning as standard.

There is also a driver’s airbag which is standard throughout the range. The brakes have also improved which means to avoid accidents this feature will play an important role and increase safety. The new parts installed have been vigorously checked and rechecked so that only the best reach the market.

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