How Do We Do Cylinder Head Degreasing?


Fast and Safe Cylinder Head Degreasing Process getting the Excellent Performance


If you are looking for a quality cylinder head degreasing service, MNR Reconditioning is your answer. With the wealth of experience in the cylinder head degreasing, we take care of all your engine needs. With the capacity, experience and facilities to recondition all kinds of diesel and petrol engines, we bring your engine back to working order quickly, and also for the right price.

We are special in Cylinder head degreasing because all work is completed to the highest standards.

Below are the simple and fast steps of how we do cylinder head degreasing. Let’s have a look.

Engine Cylinder Head has many passages for coolant and oil and can build up dirt over the life of the engine. Our expert and skilled cylinder

Head degreasing team removes cylinder head from the vehicle and then it becomes very simple to clean and degrease it.

1.Preparing to clean

The cleaning process of the cylinder head and removing the dirt from it is a lengthy and detailed process and our expert staff, do it smartly.

2.Remove old gasket material from bottom of head

There may be chances that the old gasket to the head and it will need to be removed first. There might be chances that the gasket is not there, but the mechanics at MNR Reconditioning always perform this process to make it clear and clean the cylinder head. With the use of plastic scraper, our team carefully removes the old gasket taking it sensitive that the surface of the cylinder head will not hit any scratch. What the others do is they use tools while cleaning cylinder head and mostly it cause leakage and head gasket failure later.

3.Cleaning the Cylinder Head

We use special parts cleaner or break cleaner that work perfectly for cleaning the cylinder head. Then we begin to clean the head using a shop rag sprayed with the cleaner to remove the oil particles and grime.

4.Soak The Cylinder Head

We always soak the cylinder head in the warm water to soften up any remaining dirt and particles. It helps to clean the various coolant and passages and galleries that cannot be reached by hand. When this is done, we again clean it with water to make it properly clean.

5.Use Compressed Air on The Passages

In the ending step, we wipe down the cylinder head using a dry soft towel. By blowing the compressed air into all the passages, we make it confirm that no more water comes out. Now we set the cylinder head to some safe place to make it proper dry before adding the new head gasket.

6.Re-install the Cylinder Head to Engine

After all these steps, our efficient and skilled staff re-fit the cylinder head in the engine and make it confirm that the cylinder head degreasing is done in the best way.

These are the simple and quick Cylinder Head Degreasing steps at MNR Reconditioning.

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