Fiat Ducato is a Popular Van Since its Launch


Fiat Ducato Engines for Sale

High payload capacity and variety of engines with power variants has made it preferred choice

Fiat Ducato has four engines in the lineup and offers one of the strongest engines presently available in market fitted in commercial vans. It is rightly expected from these units to pull loaded vehicles without making any extra effort. When you look Ducato engines for sale to replace your van’s power unit then you should also go through features of Ducato units.

When it was first launched it made a strong impression due to its ability to deliver and since then it has been rated highly among vans of this size. In the large van sector, this is quite popular and desired. Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay are also of the same platform but Ducato has a distinctive status.

High payload capacity and variety of engines with power variants have made it preferred choice over competitors. Purely Fiat technology provides power to these vans and it is multi-jet II. Diesel engines of the range kick off with 115bhp and reach to 177bhp. Earlier two engines of 2.3-litres and 3.0-litre were available now 2.0-litre with 115bhp and 2.3-litres with three variants are present.

Less carbon emission and more fuel efficiency are also ensured. One of the variants of 2.3-litres produces 150bhp and this model also has the option of Eco-Jet technology to boost fuel economy further and reaches over 47mpg. So many power outputs and good fuel economy will not let you think of other vans of similar size in the auto market. Their body is designed to cater to the need of owners.

There are many competitors of the large van

The total number of configurations counted is over ten thousand and the most notable are four body lengths and three different heights. Fiat Ducato engines the UK is to keep your vans moving with good fuel economy. Bigger and stronger Ducato is available to cater your needs to move more load and for these models, a special gearbox is offered for sleek gear shifting.

This option can be selected from any other model too except model having 115bhp engine. There are many competitors of the large van so competition is not easy and all of them keep moving ahead. Platform and chassis cab models can be used for a variety of people carrying purposes. In these versions, comfortable seats are offered to passengers and you can use them as a trip van.

Refinement of power units is not ideal and here competitors do well. The earlier mentioned 150bhp engine with Eco-Jet is the best option if you do not need the best puller with 177bhp. Stop-start and eco function and power steering all help to improve fuel efficiency as well as to reduce carbon emission.

Drive dynamics and comfort has enhanced in the latest model. If you have experienced driving previous model of the van than this fact will be more conspicuous. It has improved over time to become such an advanced large van. The overall driving experience is good and the steering wheel is precisely weighted for this size of the vehicle. Volkswagen Crafter is much refined than this but still, it is evolving to be one of the best.

The cabin is not only of better quality

Timing chains of a vehicle ensure timely open and shut off valves and if they wear out this timing get disturbed. Fiat Timing chain works well and if wear out then can be replaced. It is better to replace it with a new one than waiting for breakage of this important part of the engine.

The auto gearbox works smoothly but with a delay so you have to get accustomed to it. This problem is observed normally with low powered models and the pairing of this gearbox with high powered engines does not cause a delay. A six-speed manual gearbox is preferred over aforesaid speed transmissions. Interior quality was previously not good and you can notice cheap and low standard stuff.

It has been changed in new Ducato so the interior is far better. The cabin is not only of better quality but also of the intelligent layout. Though a lot more can be done in this regard but a recent development is worth mentioning. Different options of storage are made available by partitioning the dashboard. The steering wheel also has some controls for the driver to keep the focus on road.

Seats are not much comfortable but driver’s seat

The driver gets an elevated seat to be in commanding position for this big van. Storage places are limited in the sense that most of them are not in good reach. Temperature controlled glove-box is also there with other open storing places. Big devices like a tablet can also be placed at a designated place on the dashboard.

The infotainment system and this facility could not be used without disruption but still, it is appreciated. Seats are not much comfortable but driver’s seat has been made to keep travelling without a trace of fatigue. For bench seat passenger additional cup holder is also present so intelligently build interior is rightly appreciated by experts.

Good weight carrying ability of the van is also the reason for its popularity and with different dimensions, these vans easily serve your purposes. For maximum load lengths, you need to move on Sprinter and Crafter. Safety has also been improved and it seems the most important task Fiat now has.

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