Fiat Ducato Strongly Built and Reliable


Auto and manual speed transmissions of four-cylinder engines are equally good

The present Fiat Ducato van has evolved over the years and has mastered many features to remain one of the best options in presence of some tough rivals in the segment. This professional vehicle from fiat has strong credentials that lead to the strong feelings of reliability among the buyers. When it comes to pull the van with full load to its maximum capacity, it is the best option. Because of the increase in demand of Fiat Ducato, we easily find Fiat Ducato reconditioned engines in the market. It is a front wheel drive automobile and has one single power producer of 2.3 litre Fiat Ducato engines. The auto and manual speed transmissions of the four-cylinder engine are equally good. With reasonably big cargo area its price is well in reach of many aspiring to own.

Warranty of two hundred thousand kilometres or three years whatever comes first is also a good reason to prefer it. Low cost of maintenance has been assured as service intervals have been stretched to one year or 48000km. With this, the owners do not need to put it off the road and remain there frequently for the sake of service. Thus it is a reliable workhorse for commercial van buyers.

The touchscreen is there but satellite navigation optional

Among the standard features, the most missing is reversing camera though available as an option but for a commercial vehicle, it should have been there. It is bothering because it has a standard touchscreen of five inches on the dashboard. So the carmaker has not played smartly. It has the option of Satellite navigation but when we click this option, we have to bear a bit high cost as compared to the base Fiat Ducato model. To check the cargo area noise a solid piece bulkhead has been placed that allows you to keep viewing the activity in the cargo area without leaving your seat.

There are three seats at the front and all of them have ample space and good comfort level. The steering wheel may give you exact feel of driving a big automobile as it is angled slightly.

Transmissions for maximizing fuel economy

With four airbags and stability control it offers good safety for the driver and passengers. Protection for the occupants is duly provided. Big side mirrors are also helpful for the person holding the steering wheel. Disc brakes make the driving further precise. Daytime running lights are available but at an extra price. The two variants of the engine give 380Nm and 400Nm. Comfort-matic transmission and auto gear boxes are available to choose from. To put it to work may seem jerky but one it starts cruising it offers smooth drive. The transmissions fitted in it are usually for maximizing fuel economy. Its capacity to tow the cargo is upto two ton and it is really remarkable. So the Ducato purely offers to carry heavy loads. You must be happy if it is part of your routine task.

Additional sliding doors are available

There are many points to fasten the cargo boxes so that they remain at their position. Whether it is a new Fiat Ducato or an old one having a reconditioned Fiat Ducato reconditioned engine, it has the ability to lift heavy load. Its cargo area can hold larger things and outdo the rivals in this matter.

With one sliding door on the other side of the driver and rear door ability to get folded with the sides make it easy to load and unload the cargo. Additional sliding door in Fiat Ducoto is available as an option and it is obviously for driver side. For heavy load carrier it is important to have tough suspensions and same is of the vehicle under discussion but it is also a bit noisy in present case.

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