Main Points of Crankshaft Grinding


What to do to get the best crankshaft grinding results easily?

There must be a part in any machinery which is as vital as the heart is in the human body. Same is the case with crankshaft. It can be called as the heart of the engine and we are talking about it. First of all we have to make it clear why crankshaft grinding is required? When a crankshaft is turned to an undersized, it can and does change the stroke and degree apart of each rod journal. At MNR Reconditioning, first of all our specialists and crankshaft grinding mechanics find out where the stroke and degree or swing is.

The Importance of Crankshaft Grinding Wheel Selection

Wheel selection is a critical and often overlooked but it is very important for a high-performance engine rebuild. Using a grinding wheel intended for grinding cast iron crankshafts won’t have the right stuff to do the job correctly on a high performance crank. The grinding wheels comes in a variety of abrasive grains, grit sizes, hardness grades, and structure and bond modifications. It is necessary and very much important that the right grinding wheel and crankshaft polishing are selected or not. Because without it, the exact and accurate results would never come.

Crankshaft Grinding Techniques

After choosing the right wheel, below are the main points which will surely help you get the best crankshaft grinding results.

Before mounting any grinding wheel, properly check it where are the cracks or damage. Cracks can be shown visually and also by doing the ring test. If there is no crack, it will give a clear ringing tone when it is tapped with a wooden or plastic mallet. A dull sound will appear if there is a crack.

Different Positions and Ratios of Grinding Wheel

In order to get excellent results from the cylinder grinding, must check that every grinding wheel is balanced which is installed on the machine. There are several positions of wheel balancing. If the ratio of the wheel balancing is 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, the wheel balancing is perfect. Some additional weight is also added if the weights are not adequate.

The true value of crankshaft grinding is not based only on high pricing, the above attributes and tips are much necessary to follow to get the best crankshaft grinding.

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