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Piston! An Aluminum body that lives in the fiery hell throughout its life to keep your car engine running on the road Since the instigation of the internal combustion engines in early 20th century, power, and efficiency of the internal combustion engines has been increased and nowadays, these engines are even greener and ultra-fuel economical […]

There are handful of symptoms an engine with a blown head gasket could have, but what are the top five symptoms and how to fix it before it damages entire engine Head Gaskets are vibrant parts of an engine. Any leading issues should be rectified quickly, as they could intent critical problems to the car […]

Boring is a way to increase displacement by increasing the bore diameter and stroking gives longer displacements and extra power in both cases In any brand of engine, the rule of generating power is same and it starts from igniting the fuel in the engine cylinders. But do you like to insanely increase the power […]

Engine replacement is good option to save unwanted engine repair and labor cost There are many reasons that indicate you to go for an engine replacement, or an engine reconditioning. Sometimes engine repair is required at the earliest to save the engine, otherwise the engine will be ceased and then only replacement will be the […]

Knowing What a Machine Shop Needs to Know and how to avoid paying your machinist for undone machining jobs We talked with one of the most experienced machinist at MNR Reconditioning in the UK. He has an experience of more than three decades and knows every single detail about the machining and its minor details […]

How to do Engine Surface treatment through coating process? When the vehicle engine exhausts are blown up due to any fault or even bad oil use or critical conditions of use, it isn’t a great idea to swap engine with a crate engine which is always costly. Engine rebuilding or engine reconditioning can give you […]

It’s a thin film of coating that keeps you running on the road and guarantees the life of your engine Crankshaft bearing coatings or bearing surface treatment first made known to the public back in 1970s as a source of help for the crankshaft rod and the main bearings last longer during the exhausting racing […]

Bmw 3 series combines the performance and practicality, ranging from GT to i Performance saloons Yes it’s true, BMW 3 series is a legendry family of BMW cars that combines a fun of driving and practicality at the same time. It is not a range of models based on several cars but it has a […]

Achieve the OEM levels of smooth engine ring surface by doing Engine Boring with Grit diamond honing stone Whenever an engine is reconditioned or rebuild, there are some parts that also require some attention. Due to some wear and tear in the engine, taper create at the upper part of the cylinder that can minimize […]

Clean your engine regularly and do Engine Degreasing for best results Whenever an engine is cleaned, it is very easy to conduct repairs or maintenance. It is a good habit to maintain and increase the performance and life of an engine if it is cleaned regularly. But if it’s been a long time since you […] Our Stanard operating hours Mon to Fri 9:00AM - 5:30PM Sat 9:00AM - 1:30PM
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