The Purpose of Engine Block Liners


Why are the engine block liners required to get the best output from your engine?

Normally, there are two types of terms heard for engine bock liners, engine block sleeves and engine block liners. Well, to make it clear, there is no difference between these both.

This purpose of engine block liners is used in the repair of damaged cylinder bores in engine blocks or in heavily-modified four cylinder engines for racing. Normally, the term “liners” is often used in a relation to cylinder bore repair in a diesel engine.

Why is Engine Block Liners required?

Sometimes, the engine which is made by the cast iron, does not require liners or engine block sleeves because the engine iron is too hard to resist piston ring wear. Inside an engine, it is very important to have engine block liners because the purpose of the cylinder is to seal the piston rings. With the passage of time, the reconditioned engine components become worn and hence need to rebuild by doing engine block liners.

One of the major reasons that the sleeves or liners are required is when the engine block is cracked or there is not enough material in the engine’s casting for the engine cylinder to be bored.

Advantage of Engine Block Liners

There is one main reason why an engine block is required is the cost saving of not having to replace the piston and rings, and also the engine blocks. It is very important to understand when installing a sleeve or liners, that the engine block must be machined as round and straight as possible.

Normally, there is the flow of oil in the engine block, and a proper and periodic maintenance and engine oil change increase the life of engine blocks and then, the engine block liners are not required until you take proper care for it.

A professional Engine Block Liner always gives your engine a feel of OEM. And it is obvious that the performance of your engine will be increased. So always choose for the best engine block liners mechanics.

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