How to Recondition a Cylinder Head from MNR Reconditioning?


Cylinder Head Reconditioning Process with licensed engine reconditioners in the UK

The cylinder head reconditioning is one of the engine jobs that you cannot be done by your own as it requires technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the engine parts. It is one of the precision parts of the engine and plays a vital role in the performance of the engine. A good cylinder head produces better compressions and ultimately better and powerful stroke. The ultimate thing you should keep in mind before you go for a reconditioning process of your cylinder head reconditioning is that it must be done precisely at first hand.

If you opt to do it with MNR Reconditioning, you will get multiple benefits such as a technical expert opinion for your reconditioning process and overall testing of your engine as well as an assurance of 100 percent performance of your engine. MNR testing process will test your engine at the OEM performance standards that will ultimately give you the best performance. Qualified and professional tradesman and experts machinists will take care of your engine. It is the only firm that allows you supervise your work if you have free time because MNR has quality endorsed procedures in place.

The fear of unknown while reconditioning a cylinder head

The majority of people found it very tough to select a reconditioning firm for their engine reconditioning jobs. There are multiple factors involved in this hesitation that confuse them, and ultimately they opt wrong re-conditioners.

You will be rest assured when you choose MNR Reconditioning as your engine reconditioners, you’re your job will be done 100 percent up to the mark and standards of the genuine OEM manufacturers. Until unless you have any customized reconditioning instructions for your part, your cylinder head will be reconditioned at the OEM standards. Upon receiving your cylinder head for reconditioning, you will be allocated a customer job number and your cylinder head will be dismantled for in-depth testing of each and every part individually.

Cleaning of your cylinder head

After your cylinder head will be dismantled into parts, each and every part will be cleaned to remove all the rust and leftover residues to get its surface. During the cleaning process, there are several processes used and engine experts opt every process according to the requirement of the part. If cylinder head requires a sand blasting process to remove the residues and carbon, then your cylinder head passes through sand blasting process otherwise a hot acid bath is enough to remove leftovers. A buffing process help the mechanics to attain the best finish of every part.

Testing the cylinder head

After a major cleaning process, the cleaned cylinder heads enter into a testing process that confirms the health of the cylinder head. A pressure testing process launched at this stage to determine if there are any cracks in the cylinder head. This pressure testing machine works at relatively higher temperatures. With the increase in temperature, the material expands and pressure detects all the cracks in the part. The electro Magna flux used to detect cracks as well.

In a very common testing operation, a cylinder head is placed into the computerized testing machine and given a shot of magnetizing current. Then the crack testing fluid injected along with fluorescent particles, an electromagnetic spotlight is used to compare for longitudinal or latitude cracks. Of course, demagnetizing is a central part of the operation.

Machining processes

Our quote procedure requires 39 expert testing points, from bolt holes, valves, manifold studs, to injector tubes, cylinder head thickness & stiffness, and many other points. The complete results are then recorded on the job card and forwarded to the machining department. All cylinder head machining, shaping the valve seats, fitting inserts, fetching out stresses, injector tubes, scrolling, crack repairs, facing of the head and manifold surfaces.

All repairs are finished on multiple reconditioning machines. As soon as the machining process done including all the threads on the cylinder head re-tapped and finished for best fit. It’s cleaned for a metal burr and any kind of chips to finalize for rebuilding and fitting.

Quality Assurance testing

The cleaning approach is very detailed by MNR Reconditioning, all cylinder heads are then placed again in our Robo-wash (boiling wash), then eliminated and utilizing pressure water cleaner to make sure all machining debris is eliminated. They are inspected completely and given a final wash which is done by hand, before ultimate inspection. Once the assembly procedure is applied, we use quality verification cards and perform our final inspection to ensure that all of the work is carried out and is up to the standards.

Other Cylinder Head Reconditioning

MNR Reconditioning is also offering expert aluminum cylinder heads cleaning and testing with single or twin overhead camshafts. From a crack experiment by means of to a full overhaul, each and every job that comes through workshop is extraordinary. Beneath is listed a breakdown of processes involved in the cylinder head reconditioning.  Where from Strip, clean and test Acid tub and strain cleaning Lectro Magna flux, paint and dye crack trying out excessive temperature, full pressure testing cutting valve seats for inlet and exhaust valves eliminate and change inserts Machining the face and manifold offerings cast off and substitute valve guides, Kline and skinny wall guides – match oversize inserts take away and replace pre-combustion chambers cast off and substitute injector tubes damaged studs replacement. Thread repairs Reclaiming of cylinder heads Recut sealing scrolls and all the camshaft grinding is done in condo on the Repco camshaft machine. It is, without the doubt, one of the top cam grinders.

Fitting of the Cylinder heads

After all the machining and cleaning processes done, all the parts sent to the assembly section where the experts assemble all the parts by hand to make sure the best performance of the cylinder head when fitting to the engine. We recommend that you must fetch your vehicle at MNR Reconditioning’s garage and get your reconditioned cylinder head fitted by top engine experts.

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