Things to Consider Before Doing Crankshaft Polishing


A Detailed look on some of the important phases of Crankshaft Polishing


Now a days, the engines which are manufactured and designed by the engineers are made with tighter tolerance and less room for error. That’s why the engines can produce more power, durable and long lasting, less noisy, vibrations and friction, consumes less fuel and produce lower emissions. That’s why it is important than ever to be as perfect, or nearer perfect as possible for the engine manufacturers or engine reconditioning when it comes to crankshaft polishing.

What is Belt Polishing?

Belt polishing is a conventional and traditional method which is used by the engine builders or engine reconditioners for many years to polish the crankshaft. In the past, the belt polishing worked well to clean the surface of the crankshaft that is extremely closed to the OEM levels. This is easy and cost saving method to get the crankshaft polishing.


In the past days, the crankshaft is polished by using stones. But that method has converted to the latest technological methods. Now a days, the best and the most advanced method of crankshaft polishing is the micropolishing. By doing this, the OEM-level surface and finish can be achieved. In the belt polishing, the polisher uses the belt to clean the crankshaft but in the micropolishing, a polishing tape is used instead of belt. The approximate size of the best is 150ft roll. The microscoping machine operators index each role after each use.

Consumption of Tape in Crankshaft Polishing

The consumption of tape, which is used in crankshaft polishing is very less. After a complete journal, the consumption amount of the tape used in micropolishing is only about one inches. A recent research showed that the cost of tape in micropolishing is 50 to 75% less than the cost of belt used in belt polishing. Secondly the outcomes and surface cleaning is also better in the micropolishing.

How to Check the Surface Finishing

In the both methods, whether it is belt polishing or micropolishing, it is necessary to check or test the finishing surface. There are three things which are understood while testing the surface finishing, profile, waving and roughness. These three features have their distinct importance and all three levels have to be achieved.

These are the main points which we must have to know before doing the crankshaft polishing.     

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