Want a Break From all the Work? Ford Ranger is Going to Help a Lot


Ford Ranger lets you touch the future while enjoying the present

Maybe you are not trying to escape your problems. But everyone can benefit from a break from the social media and the hectic routine of work. You have no idea how much you ought to detach from the ever-present pressure of phone, email or social media.

A calm break is just what you need to reclaim yourself and it is going to be multum in parvo if you get a nice and enthusiastic car with a lot of bells and whistles. Why is there any need of thinking about that when Ford Ranger is all here to take your tensions away?

Sit inside the Ford Ranger engine, hit the accelerator and go in the world of comfort right away. Ford Ranger is one of the best sellers around the globe and it is the flagship model of Ford. In the UK, the Ford Ranger is offered in basic commercial trim, plus in more up-market qualifications designed to comfort users wanting passenger car luxuries.

The Ranger is giving a tough competition to the rivals such as the Mitsubishi L200, Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Nissan Navara NP300 and Volkswagen Amarok. Three body styles are offered, the two-seater Regular Cab and the occasional-four-seat Super Cab, but these incline to be reserved for the ones wanting for a craggy work vehicle.

And you know what, five-seat Double Cab is most popular among the users, combining passenger space with a massive load area.

Turning the key brings a no-nonsense torque with the monstrous engine

Ford Ranger diesel engines need no introduction at all. Pretty impressive delivering healthy output, that’s what they are renowned for. Three engines are accessible in the case of Ford Ranger, a couple of them are 2.2-Litre Four-Cylinder Diesel Engines with 128bhp or 157bhp, chased by a smashing 3.2-litre, hitting 197bhp and five cylinders.

You will not feel bored with the 128bhp engine, it arrives only in the basic two-seat regular cab having a two-wheel drive and isn’t very swift and skip to the 157bhp version. Well, this is going to growl into life with a squawky clatter when you start it up, but it still provides the punch you expect for a vehicle chartered to heave heavy loads. It kicks off strongly and feels suitably sturdy from low down in the rev range.

That diesel rattle is always going to hit you, however, don’t expect to have the peace and hush of a regular SUV on the motorway. But, having said that, engine, road and wind noise are better subdued than they are in a Nissan Navara, making the Ranger much easier to live with day to day.

The range-topping 3.2 engine is pretty unwrinkled, but not much quieter. It is vigorous, though, giving you some useful additional sweep that’s particularly helpful when knitting motorways or overtaking traffic.

Exploring from inside

The Ford Ranger’s interior is relatively upmarket by pickup standards, you get tough plastics and lots of storage, but there’s Ford passenger car switchgear to raise the tone, and higher spec variants pile on lots of technology features.

The instrument kit includes digital colour displays either side of the main analogue dial, presenting piles of useful information, however, some of the readouts are a little bit small for viewing at a glance.

The Ford Ranger is just loving for its high up driving position. And it is not over yet, the driver is given a comfortable seat that gets six-way manual adjustment including adjustable lumbar support. On entry-level models, however, Limited and Wildtrak trims use standard eight-way powered seats.

So, you are very much up for the adventure. Aren’t you?

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