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Our Connecting Rod Machining Services

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Connecting Rod Repairing

MNR Reconditioning has a dedicated engine workshop with specialised equipment which provides the best in connecting rod reconditioning and repairing.

How Con Rods Machining is Done by MNR Reconditioning?

  • Once we receive the con-rod it is cleaned and dismantled.
  • It is then checked for damage, cracks, overheating and ovality in the big-end bore, as well as checked for damage in the small-end bore.
  • After that the serration goes through reconditioning which is done utilizing state of the art spark erosion technology. Once this technology is used it results in a very uniform surface which is resistant to crack information which gives a perfect match between the mating surfaces.
  • Once that is done, big-end bore is remachined to the specified diameter. And if required shot peening of the bore is carried out.
  • After all of these procedures the con-rod is quality checked and reassembled with new nuts and bolts as well as a new small-end bush.
  • All of this reconditioning and repairing is done in our modern workshop. There are many different types of connecting rods from cast steel to powder metal (PM) "cracked" rods to all the various types of performance rods.

Con-Rod Machining Services Offered:

Function of a Con-Rod

The connecting rod is a highly stressed component and it transforms reciprocal movement to rotational movement. It also transmits the power generated in the combustion chamber to the crankshaft and from there to a generator or propeller.
When any engine is being maintained, it is extremely important that the condition of the connecting rods is verified. The two main problems that can occur in a connecting rod are: ovality in the big-end bore and fretting or cracks in way of the serration.
If these problems occur it is very important to replace or execute connecting rod repair and reconditioning to shun risking an expensive and major engine breakdown.

Some of the equipment we have in our machine shop

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