Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with MNR Reconditioning Ltd, You confirm that You received, read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions in whole and You agree to be bound by the T&C set below.


  • Us and You, we are MNR Reconditioning Ltd and you are the Customer.
  • Bare Engine, Consists of Engine Block, Cylinder Heads with Rockers, Oil Pump and Timing Chain cover. Everything inside the Engine Body itself. The sump is optional. Peripheral items are not included in this term, such as the Turbo, connecting Pipes e.g. manifolds and other ancillaries.
  • Cylinder Head is the top part of the Engine.
  • The crankshaft is the main Shaft at the bottom of the Engine converts linear movement of connecting rods and pistons into rotary motion.
  • Camshafts, usually come in a pairs and work at the top of the Engine cylinder head.
  • Dry Engine refers to an engine which is drained of all oil.
  • Engine Block, is the lower part of the Engine that facilitates crankshaft to work and provide a base for other engine parts.
  • Exchange Unit is the Customer's Old Bare Engine.
  • Line Boring is applied to the Engine Block, into the section where the Crankshaft sits.
  • Timing Belts and Chains, connect the Crankshaft to the Camshafts.
  • The sump is below the Engine block and holds engine oil.
  • Stock Engine, are Engines we hold in stock, which is either acquired as Exchange Units or purchased from Engine suppliers.
  • A Surcharge, is a Deposit charged when the Customer purchases a Stock Engine. This is paid in advance and paid back upon receiving your old engine.
  • A Unit refers to a Bare Engine.


  • Are for a limited period only, please see Quote for a period time.
  • Initial Quote is an estimate, more detailed estimate is made, with more information, which may include inspection and evaluation of the Engine first.

Pickup and Delivery of Stock Engine and Exchange Unit

  • All deliveries and Pickups are charged to the Customer. This may be included in initial Quote.
  • Return Exchange Units are the customer's responsibility unless otherwise agreed to be arranged by us.
  • Dry Exchange Unit required when Transporting the engine to us. The Engine must be cling film wrapped and secured to a Pallet. Any oil spillage coming from the Exchange Unit while on delivery, quick will be charged to the customer.
  • When Customer sends his own engine for Reconditioning, only the Bare engine needs to be sent. We will not take any responsibility for anything extra connected to the Bare Engine. If there are many items connected to the Bare Engine and work must be carried out to remove these items, the customer may be charged for extra work carried out.

Work Carried Out

  • Cleaning. The Bare Engine is stripped to component level and put into a high
  • pressure parts cleanser at high temperature with abrasive chemicals, removing all carbon deposits, debris, and cooking from the previous failures.
  • Diagnostic and Testing. Cylinder Head is pressure tested. Engine Block is checked for cracks.
  • Cylinder Block Skimming if Necessary.
  • Engine Boring if Necessary.
  • The crankshaft is polished and/or reground.
  • Camshafts are polished.
  • Gaskets, Seals, and Piston Rings are all replaced.
  • Cylinder Head Valve Lapping.
  • Timing Belts or Chains are replaced, unless replacing them is too difficult, due to extra parts required, which are outside the Bare Engine. We would inform your mechanic to install them when they have access to the whole vehicle and the parts. You will be informed if this is the case.
  • Pistons and Conrods are checked and reconditioned if necessary or replaced.
  • The oil pump is changed if necessary for reconditioned or new.
  • The sump is not covered.
  • Items outside the Bare engine are not covered, like turbos, injectors, or connecting pipes, manifolds.
  • When Reconditioning customer's own engine, the engine must be serviceable. The main components must be intact and not damaged, this includes the Engine Block, Cylinder Head, Crankshaft, and Camshafts. Additional Surcharge will be applied if we have to acquire replacements for these.
  • Also, if the engine needs Line Boring, this will be considered as an additional cost.

Additional Work at Extra Charge

  • Replacement Engine Block
  • Replacement Cylinder Head
  • Replacement Crankshaft
  • Replacement Camshafts
  • Replacement Sump
  • Line Boring of the Engine Block
  • Additional Work can also be made on request, by the customer.
  • All Additional Work carried out is made with authorisation from the customer before the work or parts are acquired and fitted. Sometimes, this will require the customer making a payment for this additional work before the work is started.


  • Parts Warranty for 12 Months or 20k Miles (Whichever comes first).Parts Warranty for 12 Months or 20k Miles (Whichever comes first).
  • MNR Reconditioning will repair or replace, at no charge, if the engine is defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and Maintenance.
  • Warranty is subject to servicing being carried out at the correct time, as stated in our invoice provided.
  • Servicing of the vehicle is the responsibility of the customer. Copy of the Service must be sent to us.
  • Initial Mileage must be written down on the Invoice itself when the Engine is fitted back into the vehicle. Copy of which must be sent to us.
  • Warranty is subject to no tampering with the engine, permission must be received from us to allow your mechanic to take the engine apart, in any way. Warranty could become void if not authorised to do so first.
  • Correct Engine Oil must be used within the engine. Please see Manufacturers details for the correct oil grade to be used.
  • Breakdowns and Labour Work carried out, are the responsibility of the Customer
  • This is a Back to Base Warranty. You are responsible for the transporting of the engine to us.
  • Warranty does not cover claims for any loss and damage including any consequential loss or damage and the Company must not be held responsible for any, from whatever reason arising, whether claimed under the warranty or not.
  • Ancillaries are not covered under this warranty.
  • Common faults occur within vehicles of a particular type and manufacturer. Please read our FAQ for Common Faults. Any problem arising outside the engine that affects the engine is not covered under this Warranty.
  • If the repair has been carried out on the engine and the same problem occurs again, this will be viewed as a fault occurring outside the engine and therefore void the warranty.

Payments and Surcharges

  • Payment must be paid before work commences.
  • Additional work payment must be paid before the Engine is released when sending it to the customer.
  • Additional work may require additional parts, depending upon the parts, payment must be made before the part is ordered for fitting.
  • Items purchased from our online sites, whether through Ebay or directly on our Website, the price shown is the Unit price only. This does not include V.A.T, Delivery and Surcharge (For Surcharge, please read below).

Surcharge (Exchange Unit Deposit)

  • Applies to Customers who are purchasing a Stock Engine from us.
  • Stock Engines are sold on an exchange basis, you are charged a surcharge ( deposit ) at the point of purchase. Deposit is a security to reassure that exchange unit will be returned to us and that it's of serviceable state. This surcharge will be refunded to you minus the collection fee unless you arrange a courier to return the unit to us at your own cost or if the collection was already paid in advance. The Exchange Unit is examined for Re-use. To see if it has damage in the Engine Block, Cylinder Head, Crankshaft, or Camshafts, then this is taken out against that Deposit.
  • Exchange Units can take 72 hours to examine, once we have received them.


  • If any problems arise with the Stock engine, please Email or telephone us with a description of the problem. This may require pictures or a video to be taken and sent to our Support Team. Our Support Team will guide you through our procedures. Please have your Invoice to hand and any Service paper work that may have been carried out, since the Engine had been purchased.
  • If for any reason, you wish to have the engine checked by an independent specialist, then we must be informed, in writing, prior to any work being conducted. This is your right and we accept no burden of cost, in this.
  • Exceptional circumstances can always arise. We will try to be as flexible as possible to help, please do not hesitate to raise any query you may have.

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