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Our Head/Cylinder head Machining Services

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Cheapest Cylinder Head Machining in UK

At MNR Reconditioning, we repair cylinder heads at our state of the art workshop or we can collect your cylinder head, recondition or repair it and deliver it back to you by quickest delivery mechanism. We have all-embracing machine shop facilities and expert’s mechanics which enable us to repair any cylinder head for any vehicle. We can completely recondition or skim your cylinder head at competitive prices. MNR Reconditioning Offers the Following Cylinder Head Services:-

What is a Cylinder Head?

One must remember that a cylinder head is an essential part of any engine and if it fails, can cause disastrous results. The function of cylinder head and head gasket is to seal the top of the cylinders creating the combustion chamber.
The cylinder head also creates a stable and solid environment for the valves, fuel injectors and spark plugs to feed the chamber with air and fuel. Simply enter your registration number to get a free no obligation quote and get cylinder head reconditioning done at the most competitive prices.

Repairing Cylinder Heads

Repairing cylinder heads is one of the most common tasks undertaken by an engine repair shop and MNR Reconditioning does the job to the highest industry standards. Repairing a cylinder head is no easy task hence specialist equipment and highly skilled machinists at MNR Reconditioning only know how to do this job properly. We precision mill the cylinder heads to very fine tolerances which are specified by the manufacturer.

Common Cylinder Head Problems

The most common cylinder head repairs that are carried out by MNR Reconditioning are:-

Cracked Cylinder Head

Due to overheating and rapid temperature change hairline cracks can form in cylinder heads. MNR Reconditioning repairs these by welding the crack then milling the repair back to factory specification.

Cylinder Head Corrosion

Cylinder head corrosion is more common in old cylinder heads when porous spots are formed which is usually around the coolant passages. You can identify corroded areas by pressure testing the head. This can be repaired by welding aluminium to the affected area.

Warped Cylinder Head

The cylinder head warping is also caused by overheating or extreme temperature changes. MNR Reconditioning repairs these warped cylinder heads by regrinding the cylinder head back to a true state before he head cracks.

Symptoms of a Damaged Cylinder Head

  • White smoke
  • Leaking
  • Blue smoke
  • Leaking
  • Misfiring
  • Leaking
  • Smell

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